A Tanadoona Adventure!

Scroll down to see the great variety of activities that await you at Camp Tanadoona.


Water TrampolineGlide Across Lake Minnewasta

Camp Tanadoona has lots of canoes and kayaks for campers to paddle across the lake. Kayaks are fun for friendly races, relays or just relaxing exploration of Lake Minnewashta. Older campers may have the chance to practice safely sinking their canoes.

Water TrampolineRefresh with a Swim

We go swimming all the time! Certified lifeguards are on duty during swimming activities/open swim. Campers must pass a swim test to access portions of the lake.


Camper making art in Shangra LodgeCreate Art Inspired by Nature

The art lodge is the center of all arts and crafts at Camp Tanadoona. Filled with all varieties of art materials such as paint, clay, string, and of course nature’s offerings of acorns, sticks, rocks, and more.

Water TrampolineTeambuilding Sports

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and flag football are a few of the sports we organize during large group time on the large grassy field.

Water TrampolineTeambuilding Games

Campers get to be involved in a variety of active group games that get them laughing and working as a team.

Water TrampolinePractice Fishing

See if you catch the big one from our new fishing dock! We practice catch and release.

Water Trampoline Express Your Creative Side

Skits and songs are terrific ways for campers to try out new ways of expression. You'll be singing camp songs for weeks after a trip to Tanadoona!

Group of campers having fun around the campfireGather 'round the Campfire

Campfires play a special role at Camp Fire camps. It's where we tell stories, sing songs, and do a variety of outdoor cooking.

Water TrampolineNavigate the Ropes Course

Our high ropes course called a "Team Pod" relies on campers working together in the ultimate teambuilding experience.


Camper looking under a rockExplore the Great Outdoors

Chances to explore and discover nature’s playground abound at Camp. Using Camp Tanadoona's nature curriculum, campers learn about the diverse ecosystems surrounding Tanadoona and their relationship to the great outdoors.

Water TrampolineHit Your Mark

Our staff help campers learn the proper techniques for stance, aim, and release to hit the bulls-eye. We have several types of bow and arrow equipment.

Water TrampolineSee Nature

There are acres of wooded paths at Camp Tanadoona that are full of deer, birds, raccoons, turkey, foxes and other wildlife. Campers go on counselor-led night hikes to experience the nightlife at camp.

Camper jumping from the water trampolineSplash into Fun

A favorite activity. The giant inflated trampoline keeps campers busy bouncing, rolling, and splashing into the water.

Campers at top of climbing wall

Scale to New Heights

Our certified staff help campers gain the confidence to try scaling to the top of our 40-foot climbing wall or conquer the giant swing.

Group of happy campersMeet New Friends

Summer camp builds relationships. Tanadoona counselors excel at creating supportive environments for all campers to try fun experiences together. Most our activities are done in small groups, giving each camper an important role and chance to get to know each other.

Campers proud of their sand castleBe an outdoor survivor

Campers gain confidence while learning essential skills for living in the outdoors. You'll learn how to build shelters, tie knots, use a compass, build a fire, and cook your own meals outside.

Campers proud of their sand castleFun in the Sand

Our sandy beach is ideal for sand castles, burying counselors in the sand, or just lounging around in the sun.